Why aren’t all insurers insisting on rapid-drying solutions where appropriate?

Teams from Revival East Anglia are currently working in Carlisle, drying properties affected by the recent floods.

Using rapid-drying equipment championed by Revival, homes are being dried in 3-10 days, as opposed to weeks or in some cases, months. Peter Booth from Revival East Anglia commented:

“We are expert at matching the right drying solution to the job in hand. All our technicians are highly trained and experienced, which means we know exactly what we can achieve and how quickly. We’ve been astounded at the number of properties we’ve seen with insufficient or not-suited to the job equipment installed, plus the fact that houses are left with doors and windows wide open, negating any benefits from the drying equipment being used. Approaching a drying project in this way can mean a property takes far longer to dry, potentially costing the insurer more.”

Revival teams can deploy rapid-drying equipment quickly to properties in Carlisle. For more information please contact Peter Booth direct on 01553 762762.

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