Revival Staff Assist London & South-East England Following Flash Floods – The Latest

Revival staff have been working to assist home and business owners affected by the flash flooding in London and South-East England late last week. Residents have been affected by the effects of thunderstorms and torrential rain since last Wednesday as an unstable weather front moved over England, having moved upward from continental Europe. Some areas have […]

Why aren’t all insurers insisting on rapid-drying solutions where appropriate?

Teams from Revival East Anglia are currently working in Carlisle, drying properties affected by the recent floods. Using rapid-drying equipment championed by Revival, homes are being dried in 3-10 days, as opposed to weeks or in some cases, months. Peter Booth from Revival East Anglia commented: “We are expert at matching the right drying solution […]

Industry Cooperation During Surge – Cost effective claims management

Collaboration with proactive disaster restoration companies could reduce claim costs and help drive renewals In surge situations it really is a matter of all hands to the pump; literally in some cases. Claims Handlers, Loss Adjusters, Project Managers, Surveyors etc. are among the first on the scene; talking to and reassuring policyholders affected and agreeing a plan […]

Emergency Response Minimises Disruption

The Revival Company understands that any disaster in the home can be very traumatic especially when the homeowner is watching their personal possessions that are beyond repair being thrown away. That is why it is important to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum to enable the family to continue their daily routine. Technicians from Revival Halifax were called […]