A lot of water damage incidents occur due to leaks in a pipe, such as a water main or central heating pipe.

Leaks are commonly traced through the use of Trace & Access.

Trace & Access, known as leak detection, is the process for identifying and locating water leaks in the internal or external areas of a property. If the leak is not treated, this could lead to further damage.

With over 30 years’ experience, our team of highly-skilled technicians have the ability to pinpoint a variety of leaks using the latest scientific techniques and a wide range of leak detection equipment no matter what the location such as Thermography, gas detection, and ground microphones.

By using these techniques with strong accuracy, floors in both commercial and domestic properties may not have to be excavated, saving time and unnecessary expense to home and business owners.

Once the leak has been traced, we can appoint one of our trusted contractors/plumbers on your behalf to undertake any repair work required. We also offer to investigate resultant water damage or carry out drying requirements to minimise any disruption to the property.

We provide a total care approach towards our clients, which has earned us an enviable reputation of being one of the market-leading, high-net worth disaster management and restoration suppliers in the country.

If you have got an explained water leak, please contact us on 01553 762762 or email us at eastanglia@revivalco.co.uk to discuss the situation with your leak and how we can help you to detect its source.